GFS Interactive

Our state of the art training facility comes fully equipped with Fire Pumps, Nitrogen Generators, Pre-Action, Dry Systems and Wet Systems. 

Our Facility In Action

The GFS Team Trainings

“Today at GFS Texas we had an official Safety Stand Down as well as a hands on reveal of our new training facility. In the coming weeks there will be multiple training sessions for all Fire Department municipalities, Building Managers and continued hands on training for any of our employees. We will be going over the ins and outs of Fire Pumps, Nitrogen Generators, Wet Inertion, Dry Valves, Pre-Action Valves, Wet Systems, FARS and Fire Alarm.”

Dallas Fire Department

“Another great day of Advanced training for the Dallas Fire-Rescue. Specifically geared toward Fire Systems in High Rise Structures for Station 18 and Station 4. We are truly honored to be considered a partner with the Dallas Fire Department in the continued education and training for all 2000+ Dallas Firefighters.”

General Motors

“General Motors personnel sitting in on a Nitrogen Generator and Wet Inertion presentation with actual hands on demonstration. Thank you Potter for such a professional presentation!”

Dallas Skyscraper Engineers

“Great day of hands on training at GFS Interactive Training! Today we had multiple Building Engineers from all over Dallas/Fort Worth in which GFS Services their buildings.
Comerica Tower
Galleria Towers
Plaza of The Americas
Republic Center
The Towers at Williams Square
Trammell Crow Center”